After using Windows 10 in the work place for almost a year now, here’s my take on the experience. To begin with I thought that the promises from Microsoft, on this being a good fast new system, might be right this time. So I was considering using this instead of Ubuntu if it proved to be as good as it was hyped to be. But I was to be disappointed.

So the answer is stick to Ubuntu, I have to say my Windows 10 experience have gone through some classical phases:

– Great! It starts up fast and seems to be fast in the day-to-day work
– Great! It shuts down fast
– Oh no! I wast just forced to do an update, and have to wait…
– Oh no! Now it starts booting slow again…
– Oh no! Performance and user experience degrades continuously over time
– Aaand! the fonts look like crap due to bad anti aliasing on some screens!

The system is not better and the tile interface, does not help to give a better experience either, so I have to repeat that I am not looking back!

The shift to Ubuntu on the home front has proven to be the right decision for me.

In fact the more I learn to use Linux the better I like it, recently
I got Android Studio running and tried out Flutter/Dart for
cross platform development as easy as if it had been on any other