High Score and the last Collision stuff

I have added a class to show a High Score List and the last stuff that was missing in my take on the classic Asteroids Game from 1979. Now the Saucers also smash up the Asteroids and the Spaceship continues from the state it ended when moving to the next wave of Asteroids. It seems to be kind of finished. Try it out HERE!

I also had a strange issue with the custom font I made, when you draw vertical and horizontal lines on the Type Script canvas you have add 0.5 to a x or y coordinate, if it is a true integer like 1.0, 5.0 etc. So now the font stands more thin and solid – Strange…

Author: Carsten Schwartz

My name is Carsten Schwartz. I live in Stevnstrup, Denmark . I develop Apps and Computer Games. I play board games and I am an experienced GM in Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (1st and 2nd Ed). I am also painting and sculpting miniatures. Yes that's right I am a freak - No mistake there, I even exercise Ju-Jitsu twice a week too. I am using this media to track my work and organize it a little.

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