A Long Nigths work

Last night I made material and changed the packet name to comply with Google’s requirements for Apps in their market. A tough fight changing an already set package name in an Android project.
But I finally came through, the problem is that you have to make sure that the old package name is changed to the new one in your code!
So as help for other lost souls to change package name of an Android App, do this:

– Change the main Java code package in your project and resolve any references
– Change the package field in the Android Manifest file
– Ensure and code reference to the R class is using the new package name
– Change the old package name to the new one in your code!

The last point had me hunting for a couple of hours, but there’s software development for you…

Author: Carsten Schwartz

My name is Carsten Schwartz. I live in Stevnstrup, Denmark . I develop Apps and Computer Games. I play board games and I am an experienced GM in Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (1st and 2nd Ed). I am also painting and sculpting miniatures. Yes that's right I am a freak - No mistake there, I even exercise Ju-Jitsu twice a week too. I am using this media to track my work and organize it a little.

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