So! I Have a Retro Video Game

I have the recent couple of months been building a classic 80’s video game based on a clone of Atari Asteriods from 1979 that I have coded in Rust. I have made it with a couple of extra twists compared to the original though still retaining the original style. My plan was to build a classic arcade style game using a Raspberry Pi a monitor and some classic arcade buttons.

So I ended up making a stand for the game too. I took the original button placement design and modified it to have a reverse thrust as I have added to my version of the game. It is real fun to fight the pseudo AI of the UFOs when they attack and be surprised by the fact the the asteroids bounce of each other when they collide using the model for volume based collision I have implemented.

I recommend trying out the Raspberry PI universe it is quite educating and I loved going to a bar playing video games in the 80’s 🙂